About Us

We are an online business with a large passion for mattresses.  The inspiration for Wool & Wisdom came about when we noticed that there were very few companies manufacturing their own mattresses these days. Most of the time, if you want to buy something handmade, it has to be imported from overseas. When this is done, it usually means higher costs for the consumer in terms of lower prices and poor-quality products. We set out to change this with our company by providing high-quality mattresses made by hand right here in the UK. 

If you want a natural night’s sleep, then it makes sense to start with the best possible natural foundation: wool. The technology behind building a truly comfortable and long-lasting mattress has, of course, evolved thanks to modern technology but today’s master craftsmen maintain that there is still nothing quite like wool for underpinning a great night’s sleep. Soft, springy and super resilient, wool is enduringly supportive and naturally breathable, helping your body to regulate its temperature right through the night … whatever the season or temperature.  Warm in winter, cool in summer.

Say goodbye to dips and hollows - when used as a layer in a mattress, wool fibers gently knit together, creating a secure, stable, and supportive layer. It is widely recognized that the benefits of sleeping with wool mattresses and bedding can include lower heart rate, less sleep disturbance, and increased duration of beneficial REM sleep.

Wool also contributes to making your home healthier and safer. Its natural fire resistance means it is difficult to ignite, and it won’t melt, drip, or give out poisonous fumes like many modern synthetics. Its innate hypo-allergenic properties help remove pollutants and allergens from the air. Wool is famously resistant to mold and mildew, quickly absorbing and releasing moisture, preventing the damp conditions that mold and mildew need to thrive. Our carefully selected range of mattresses has been created by combining modern manufacturing techniques with natural products, notably sustainable British wool from hardy sheep raised on the rugged Dartmoor Hills.